A Letter from the Editor

One of many things most people probably don’t know about me is I AM into all that “moon, stars, quasars shit! I read an article about the Return of Saturn 3 years ago, which more or less said monumental changes in the world were on deckington. My Aunt once said to my astrologically skeptical Father:

“how can you not believe in the zodiac when the universe was here before everything?”

My father…

The first new moon of the year was a few days ago, the second new year some call it. In short it symbolizes the perfect time to take action that will change your life in a significant way. I would argue that there is never any specific time designated to do life changing shit, but if the universe is going to help fast track that change, it’s probably a good idea. For at least 5 years I’ve had this concept swimming in my head about creating a personal space to explore my documentary work, deciding early on it would be called “The Darkest Color”. I am and have always been most personally interested in all things that have to do with black people. I came up with this concept in the midst of a very fertile ideation stage of my career, which is fancy way of saying I got distracted a bunch and didn’t truly put my all behind the concept.

Now that my ruling planet has moved next door, it’s time to make new donuts in the oven I’ve been refining and trouble shooting. They say planning for 6 months can set you up for like 5 years of your life or something like that. Whatever the math is on that, lets just say I have been making the most of my intense time with Saturn. I decided exactly what I want this concept I dreamt up years ago should be and how it should go but I still have more kinks to work out. The irony of all this planning is who can really be sure about how anything will work in this crazy world?

What I do know is my concepts never changed and are still relevant; this space will always be dedicated to learning about my people thus learning about myself. The breakthrough for me came in taking the time to study a term I learned in 2019 called ethnography. Once I read about it and saw how it has been historically used, I realized I had already been doing that for over 10 years. Studying more and more about ethnography really got me wondering about what kind of work can be created by intentionally and intensively practicing this form of research from inside of my own culture.

So here we are….


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Artemus Jenkins

film producer and fine art photographer based in atlanta